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We are an ambitious and fast growing company. Therefore we are looking for you! Become a part of our team and contribute to our success! 

Why Digital Change?

It is not easy to find the right employer, especially if you don’t know the company. We are a modern company and keep up with the latest trends in the labor market. Following reasons should motivate you to apply with us and move mountains with our team. 

Flat hierarchy

With us, every employee is treated equally and the many management levels are eliminated. This means that decisions are made more quickly and there is a rapid response to any concerns. You have a high level of decision-making authority


Projects with a high priority must be completed on time. Nevertheless, the daily work routine can be arranged flexibly. This also applies with regard to the place of work.  A mix of home office and working in the office with the team make for an exciting working day. 


The working atmosphere at our company is very informal. All decisions are shared clearly, openly, clearly and honestly with everyone in the team. We take time for employee concerns and discuss them. 


We have different ways of working. Sometimes you will lead a project alone and be responsible for its success. Each employee is assigned according to their skills and given the freedom to make decisions they need to be successful. 

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