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Digital Transformation

Digitale Transformation — this change process deeply affects every company. As an entrepreneur, you have a mature product that has been tested on the market, defined business processes and the vision to increase your success even further in the future. To make this work in an ever faster changing market, it is necessary to anchor digitalization in the DNA of your company. This is how processes that run alongside each other are linked, products are optimized, synergies are found and new business areas are developed. All this means digital transformation.

Digital transformation starts with this vision, but implementation requires specific know-how and experience. A strategy must be defined, business processes evaluated and suitable technologies selected. We support you in the successful implementation of your vision. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Digital Transformation Coaching and Data Integration form the basis for a successful digital enterprise. We have many years of experience in these areas and help save time, resources and money.

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How Digital Change can support you.


A digital transformation strategy tailored to your needs is created that makes potentials in your company realizable for the future. If a strategy is already in place, it will be evaluated and adapted if necessary.


Building on the strategy, the processes are examined and interlinked. A working process landscape forms the basis of successful digitalization. If defined processes are missing or if they are not sufficiently prepared for successful digitalization, appropriate process consulting is provided.


Based on the strategy and processes, projects for implementing the digital transformation are defined and executed. We can provide you with professional support and guidance for these. With our experience, we ensure that the projects are successful. In addition, we develop communication and change strategies so that the employees of your company are optimally involved.

Our Core Competencies

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM for short, enables IT-supported management of product data throughout the entire lifecycle. It improves collaboration, communication and coordination both internally and externally. PLM is thus a central component of the product development process. The implementation of such systems is very complex, but necessary to maintain control and remain competitive. Well-functioning PLM processes bring efficiency gains and reduce costs. We have many years of experience and expert knowledge in planning and successful implementation and can therefore provide you with the best possible advice and support.

Digital Transformation Coaching

Implementing digital transformation can be very difficult and demanding. Many companies start digitalization projects without precisely defining the goal. We carefully examine which projects make sense and will make your company more successful. Through our many years of experience, we know most of the stumbling blocks in such projects, e.g. different approaches of business and IT experts. We have set ourselves the goal of leading your projects to success and avoiding such pitfalls. Through targeted digital transformation coaching, your company will achieve the goals you have set and be optimally equipped for the digital future.

System and Data Integration

The integration of different IT systems plays a central role in digital transformation. In almost all companies, several IT systems are used in parallel. These must exchange data to enable cross-system processes. This is a frequent source of errors. Automating this data integration speeds up these processes and increases quality. Especially since the number of systems but also the amount of data is constantly increasing, this automated integration becomes more and more important but also more complicated. As an experienced partner, we not only take care of the planning, but can also actively support you in the implementation of these projects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made it into almost all areas of our lives and will become much more present in the near future. Therefore, the integration of AI into operational processes is essential, as it not only opens up exciting opportunities to increase efficiency, but also strengthens competitiveness. We create understanding, carefully analyze your business processes and identify suitable areas of application for AI in order to develop a tailored strategy. In the process, we also take on smaller AI projects to quickly establish a foundation and prepare your team for the new challenges. Throughout the process, we stand by your side to overcome potential hurdles and ensure a smooth integration. With data-driven decisions and automated processes, you can independently exploit the full potential of AI and successfully lead your company into the future. 

Your Benefits

Independence: We act vendor-neutral and focus on processes and methods. Because of this independence, we can deliver a perfectly customized solution for you.

Everything from a single source: We provide you with a secure, smooth and good start into the digital world. We have excellent expertise in all relevant subject areas and can therefore provide you with comprehensive service.

Flexibility: With us, you are not tied to long-term contracts. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can switch at any time. This also applies to changing a service package. So they remain flexible and unbound.

Broad knowledge: Our team consists of various specialists who come from a wide range of fields and have a lot of experience. This allows us to understand your problems and develop the best concepts for you.

Insider Know-How: Due to the long experience of our team we know the advantages and disadvantages of different providers and can work out the best solution for you.

Transparency: With us, everything is always communicated openly and honestly. We do not hide anything and immediately point out possible problems and errors. This allows you to react quickly.

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